a direct maritime link between Dunkirk and Ireland to bypass Great Britain

    a direct maritime link between Dunkirk and Ireland to bypass Great Britain

    Usually these Irish drivers who will deliver and collect goods all over Europe embarked on a short crossing of the St. George’s Canal between Rosslare harbor and Fishguard harbor in Wales. They then crossed by road the south of England towards Dover in order to embark towards France, for an even shorter crossing. But since January 1, 2021, this transit through British lands has become complicated due to the re-establishment of borders and the return of customs formalities and controls.

    So obviously, this direct link between Ireland and France without customs controls has enough to seduce the drivers reluctant to cross the British border twice to reach the continent. And despite the 24 hours at sea between Rosslare and Dunkirk, the first sixty drivers to take, Sunday January 3, 2021, the new line said they were satisfied. Some, when they disembarked from the ship, even displayed Irish, French and European flags on the front of their trucks. Like a snub to Brexit and Britain!

    The Danish company DFDS has planned three ships to ensure the six weekly rotations between Dunkirk and Rosslare with a capacity of just over one hundred heavy goods vehicles. A new route exclusively dedicated to freight but which, in the long term, could also accommodate passengers. This is the wish of the company as soon as the sanitary conditions allow a resumption of tourism.

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