“A disaster” -Michel Barrette

Finding himself this week in Rouyn-Noranda, where he is due to present his “special COVID” show entitled Sans masque until Wednesday evening , Michel Barrette was not overflowing with enthusiasm when Le Journal had him on the phone.

“I announced yesterday [Monday] that there's a good chance Wednesday's show will be my last of the year. I was the first six months of the year not to give a show. Then I rode for about a month. This morning, I find myself unemployed. “

In fact, three shows remain on the comedian's calendar for the month of October, because they are not currently in the red zone: Saint-Hyacinthe (Saturday), Sherbrooke (October 10) and Drummondville (11 October).

“The rest of the agenda is empty. And I don't know when [we can refill it]. We're back to square one and it's sad. […] For the companies which live of the event, that does not make sense. It really is a disaster, ”he continues.

Magical thought

The comedian was in his hotel room at 5:30 p.m. on Monday when he watched the government press briefing.

“I went on stage at 8 pm after that. I felt like a guy who is going to get married and finds out two hours before the wedding that his wife has cheated on him. “

Nothing to reassure, Michel Barrette also wonders what will happen after the 28 days of confinement.

“On October 28, will they tell us that we are leaving for another 28 days? There is this hanging over our heads. It is a bit of a magical thought to believe that the cases are going to have gone down by now. “

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