A distressed Natalia cholodenko attended the premiere fantasy “Jim button and Lukas the engine driver”

Похудевшая Наталья Холоденко посетила премьеру фэнтези «Джим Пуговка и машинист Лукас»

Star psychologist Natalia Kholodenko, grown thin for 30 kg, and told about it in interview to magazine Viva!, appeared on the premiere of American adventure film in white, proving that this color does not look fat.

In the cinema “butterfly De Luxe”, the premiere American fantasy “Jim button and Lukas the engine driver”, written in the spirit of “Chronicles of Narnia”. The first film saw: Natalia Kholodenko , Vyacheslav Solomka, Oleg Panuta , the band Brunettes Shoot Blondes, star of TV series “the Cousins” Faith Kobzar, masanga Gabriela and others.

About the film

Viewers will find the story of the incredible adventures of young Jim’s Buttons, the driver, Lucas and Emma train. The picture tells you about the fabulous Midlandia and its subjects, about the mysterious appearance of crumbs Jimi in this country and, of course, about how he with the engineer, Lucas and Emma the locomotive went on an amazing journey to visit the mysterious country Mendeley to meet an imaginary giant Ka LAN Cha and polurama Nepomuk, to overcome loads of obstacles and save the Princess Li Shi.


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