A dog saved the life of baby buried alive

Собака спасла жизнь заживо похороненному младенцу

The dog saved the child that was buried alive in a field in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima in the northeast of Thailand. The animal smelled of a baby while walking, according to

The incident occurred on Wednesday, may 15. The owner of a dog named Ping Pong – UGA Nitika – go walk your pet on one of the farm fields. However, while walking the dog suddenly started to bark and dig under them.

41-year-old man decided to see what had attracted his dog and saw the child’s leg sticking out of the ground. He dug up the baby and took him to the hospital. Currently, the health of the baby is not in danger.

The police found out that his mother is a 15-year-old resident of one of the local villages. The girl hid the pregnancy and gave birth in secret from people because she was afraid of displeasing their parents. However, they now intend to take grandson to raise.

Local people admired the action of the dog. UGA Nitika said that his dog was always a loyal and obedient friend.