A dog with unusual behavior always gathers a crowd

I bet you’ve never seen a more optimistic dog?

Пес з незвичайною поведінкою завжди збирає навколо себе натовп

This pet name is Endo and he’s incredibly positive. I can even say that he is fiercely positive, informs Rus.Media.

The favorite activity of the pet to jump! He does it so deftly and high that it is impossible not to put the roller stuff in Instagram.

Endo jumps in the air, tail wagging. This happens even when the other dogs puzzled look on the pet jumping up and down.

Recently, dog owners come to the veterinary teaching hospital at the University of Colorado. He’s got something stuck in my ear…

The excitement of a dog-someone had to remove the camera. While the owner of the pet, Martha Graham, was standing in the room, talking about Endo, just the arrow was flying up to join in the event!

After a few spectacular jumps, all the talk in the clinic was only about the amusing antics of the dog.

“My dog always in a good mood! “laughs his hostess. It pleases others jumping not just during trips to the vet. Pet just loves to jump!

World for Endo seems incredibly beautiful! If they have the opportunity to jump, he won’t let her! No matter what he’s doing and what he’s doing. Even if the dog goes home, eats, plays ball or swims, he jumps for joy.

Except that Endo is very happy, he knows how to feel myself happy and others. And it does not matter where people see a “miracle” jumping pet online or on the street. The main thing that guarantees a smile seen.

The exploits of the pet can be observed indefinitely, right?