A family requires responses from the EIB

Une famille exige des réponses du BEI

The family of a man shot dead by police in the Beauce region in 2017 requires responses and a follow-up from the Office of the independent surveys (EIB) in order to avoid the deaths tragic and unnecessary as that of Brandon Christian Sunday evening in Saint-Georges.

On may 15, 2017, at Beauceville, Emmanuel Therrien, 41 years old, had unsheathed what the police officers perceived it as a firearm. The man depressed and suicidal, had ignored the warning, starting to remove his pants.

A police officer has then actually then fire on two occasions, the up fatally. The investigation has finally demonstrated that it was a fake weapon.

In this case, the DPCP found that the intervention was legal and that the threat was real in relation to the four agents standing nearby.

Yet another

After the death of Brandon Christian last Sunday, the sister of Emmanuel Therrien has decided to write to the EIB. Shaken, she sees similarities.

“We said, oh no, not again ! In my head, the file is closed. My mourning is done and I am at peace. But why shoot someone? We do not stop to ask the question. Surely there are things to do before you take on a person. I had already made a request and I have the impression that it has not been considered,” asks Sonia Therrien.

Following the violent death of his brother, Sonia Therrien met with the EIB and the DPCP. She said not to blame the police.

“Except that there, it doesn’t make sense. This is not normal. It is five investigations in four years and no police officer accused. For me it is absurd. I asked a follow-up and responses. Is there a course in the crisis situation? I would like police officers to be better equipped when they encounter people in crisis. It looks like they don’t know what to do.”

A solution

At the time to intervene in 2017, the police also knew very well the mental state of Mr. Therrien. According to his sister, there may be a way to intervene differently. A few days ago, the police chief of Quebec revealed that his patrol officers must respond to 18 calls per day related to a mental health problem.

“I’m in the Gaspé and the police did not fire on the people in crisis. Why is this happening again? We can surely find someone capable of talking to people in crisis. I continue to believe that this is not the police handle it”, finished the teacher, Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

Since 2016, in connection with all of these specific interventions, there has been no charges brought to the place of police officers by the DPCP in the framework of an independent investigation of the EIB, according to its spokesperson, Sylvie Boutin.

“This story may be the trigger to a first at this level”, said yesterday a family member of Brandon Christian in Saint-Georges.

What was said in the criminal Code

Subsection 25(3) provides that a police officer may, if he acts on the faith of reasonable grounds, the use of a force likely to cause death or serious bodily harm if he believes that this is necessary in order to protect themselves or to protect the people under his protection against such consequences.

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