A fan of Maidan and Poroshenko: what is known about an American Advisor Zelensky

Любитель майданов и Порошенко: что известно об американском советнике Зеленского

© asterslaw.comon 5 November the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed a decree on the appointment of his adviser, American lawyer Andrew Roman Mac. Who he is, found out the edition of Ukraine.rupo to one version, this personnel decision the President has adopted due to the need for legal advice in the country’s only enterprise for the production of aircraft engines “Motor Sich”, which, according to available information, wants to buy American billionaire, the founder of private military company Blackwater Erik Prince.

Careers adviser Zelensky is inextricably linked to Kolomoisky

New employee at the Office of the President of Ukraine was born in new York. In 1996, he graduated from the Department of international relations at Lehigh University (Pennsylvania), and in 2000 he received his doctorate in law at Vanderbilt University.

Andrew Mack has a lawyer certificate, which he received in the United States and Ukraine, member of the American bar Association (ABA) and the Ukrainian-American bar Association.

In Ukraine, Andrew Mac since 2002, when he became a senior lawyer at the Kyiv offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers. By the way, that it carried out an audit of “PrivatBank”, but the Bank’s representatives believe that during the inspection there were serious violations which resulted in financial loss and in court demanding damages worth $3 billion.

Currently, the Advisor Zelensky heads the Department of Ukrainian law firm Asters in Washington (also has offices in Kiev, Brussels and London). As stated on the website of the company, Mac is an expert on corporate and antitrust law, specializiruetsya on the support of international deals involving the US, Ukraine and CIS countries, and has experience in coordinating cross-border disputes, advising Ukrainian companies and companies from the CIS countries by working with partners in the United States.

In an interview with “New time” businessman Igor Kolomoisky called Asters in the number of law firms defending the interests of Ukraine against him in the case formerly belonging to him “PrivatBank”.

The most successful Expat Ukraine

In 2010, the Kyiv Post have included Andrew Poppy among the most successful immigrants of Ukraine, noting that his annual income was about $40 million, and he for two years has provided support for transactions in excess of $1 billion.

Arriving in Kiev in 2002, he planned to work in Ukraine only two years, but in 2004 that all changed with the proposal for the post in the company of Magisters (where by the end of 2009 was promoted to managing partner of the Kiev office, among his clients were such major global energy companies like Shell and TNK-BP) and then the outbreak of the Orange revolution.

“I was inspired by what I saw on the Maidan. It was the catalyst that forced me to stay longer in Ukraine,” admitted Mac.

It is not surprising that a coup 2013-2014 American hailed. On his page in Facebook the updates are released infrequently, and the peak of activity falls on the period: this is mainly reposts of articles in the Western media about “the invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine”, “the invasion of Russia to the Crimea” and the Russian military crossing the borders of neighbouring countries.

27 may 2014 poppy the census page Lesia Voitinskii (later working as the head of the press service of the National Bank of Ukraine) collage of photos of the family of the deposed President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and dressed in shirts of the family of the elected President Petro Poroshenko says “feel the difference”.7 Jun 2014 the American lawyer wrote in Facebook: “I’m watching the inaugural speech of Poroshenko. This is the best from what I’ve seen from any President or politician in Ukraine. Focused, structured, practical and assertive”.As I wrote in 2010 Kyiv Post, Mac collaborated with the Kiev-Mohyla Academy and provided financial support to the team, which was engaged in staging meetings in the courtroom, the winner of which received the right to represent Ukraine at competitions in Washington. In addition, the lawyer periodically post in Facebook entries from the pages of organizations that collect donations for Ukraine.

Mack is fluent in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

“If you think that you can do in Ukraine knowing only Russian or Ukrainian, then you are wrong,” he said.

In several open sources there is information about the Ukrainian roots of the adviser Zelensky, but no credible evidence there.

Zelensky, finding themselves in the unusual role of the President, trying to pull his country out of the hole in which it sucked and the team Poroshenko and the Americans, who actively supported the Maidan activists. Resorting to the help of Western experts, it is almost with 100% certainty to run into a supporter of his predecessor. However, as a person, not having to spring 2019 political backgrounds, Zelensky quietly enter into dialogue with people of different views, only to return stability to Ukraine.Yevgeny Kondakov

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