A fan of Taylor swift decided to draw the attention of the singer robbing a Bank

Фанат Тейлор Свифт решил привлечь внимание певицы ограблением банка

Fans of Taylor swift – people are sometimes quite insane. They pursue a girl in her tours, open house, write threatening letters and some gifted, even Rob banks, to attract the attention of the singer and to earn her love.

A guy named Bruce Rowley robbed a Bank in Connecticut in the hope of producing an impression on Taylor, and then went to her house in Rhode island to share the stolen amount. How much money was stolen Rowley, the police report is not specified, but notes that Bruce threw some money over the fence of the house of the pop star, and then grabbed by the police. Already at the precinct would-be robber said he’s crazy about swift and want this act to win her heart. Why Taylor is so attractive a target for strange fans, it is not clear, but she and her family often send out threatening letters, and one fan even bought a gun illegally to become her guard.

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