A few ways in which you can find out what people think about you surrounding

Often the desire to know the truth, ending with the rousing praise and no constructive criticism.

Декілька способів, за допомогою яких можна дізнатися, що про вас думають оточуючі

Most likely, you know his manners and habits, their pros and cons. But the real opinions of others often remains developing and therefore not heard. Many of us want to know the truth, what actually sees you society and understand how you relate to people with whom you communicate. And sometimes it is a necessity when talking about doing business or a dense work with the public, informs Rus.Media.

Most often, your desire to find the truth ends with the receipt of the approving praise and no constructive criticism. People are afraid to offend or hurt their comments, so in the best case, they decide to keep silent, and at worst – to say the truth. So, how can we know what others think about you and how to achieve fairness in relation to yourself?

Read between the lines

Listening to another batch of someone else’s opinions, please pay attention to the facial expressions and gestures of the interlocutor. They can play havoc with its owner and to disclose the true state of Affairs. So, for example, a person, when telling the truth is likely to be nervous, look away, rubbing his hands, to try and take the conversation to a more suitable.

Adequate perception of criticism

Want the truth? Actually, not everyone is ready to hear the truth. And if you decided on this, learn how to take criticism. Try it to see the goal for self-improvement, not a way to humiliate and insult you. If you learn to respond to criticism calmly, and the truth will hear often.

Fair idea

Find at least one person in their environment that will tell you the truth, sometimes it’s just necessary. Often, loved ones are afraid to tell us the truth, so it would be good that this person was not a member of your family or a good friend.

Декілька способів, за допомогою яких можна дізнатися, що про вас думають оточуючі

Reveal a lie

If you doubt the above, here’s a little trick. Ask a question so that the opponent still had to point out some cons. For example, you don’t like it? How this must look to you like?

Refer to strangers

This is perfect forums, social networks, online platforms for communication. Asking the question that interests you, or discussing a specific topic, you will receive a lot of totally different opinions, and for the most part, truthful answers. “Bots” and “trolls”, who are negative, are not taken into account.

Декілька способів, за допомогою яких можна дізнатися, що про вас думають оточуючі

Sometimes it is worth to stop and not worry about other people’s opinions. There will always be dissatisfied that you did not. To read the thoughts of others, you, too, can not, and whether it’s you actually? The most important thing is what you think! Prioritize in their favor.