A final history

Une finale historique

The 22 April 2015, the Impact was early in the series to go back to the more important of the story by playing the final of the champions League of CONCACAF, against Club América, a prestigious club of mexico.

We can go back to the course team in 2009, when it was modestly in the second division, but this fight is a bipartite against América has helped to crystallize the interest of soccer fans in quebec.

“These are moments imperishable. It is engraved forever in the history of the Impact. It is a final that marked the spirits, ” says Hassoun Camara, who had played the first game, but not the second.

To say that the Impact was in a good position since the first meeting, at the legendary Estadio Azteca, had ended 1 to 1. He had then taken the lead 1 to 0 in the return match before everything collapses and ends with a defeat of 4 to 2, 5 to 3 in total goals.


Despite the pain of defeat, Camara believes that the Blue-white-black-and-soccer quebec have all won something.

“Win, not only win on the field, it is also mark the memories and minds of a community. I think we won in a sense the heart of Montreal. ”

Evan Bush has missed the second match because he had received his second yellow card of the competition in Mexico city. It is all the same able to put things in perspective.

“Only a few years earlier, I was playing in the second division on the grounds of secondary schools, it was surreal. But as soon as the whistle was heard, the time has slowed down and we took advantage of the match. ”


As soon as the opponents for this final were known, the Impact is found in the seat of the neglected. Athletes usually like this position, but this was not the case this time.

“We’ve been very irritated by the fact that we were profoundly undervalued, as we lacked respect,” admitted Bush.

“We only ever saw happen where it happened and it is the strength of our team at the time, ahead of Laurent Ciman. It has taken the best of this group. They knew very well that we did not leave favorites. ”

If the Impact is really well shot with a tie of 1 to 1 in Mexico, things could have been much different.

A yellow

One may question the work of the referee. In the end of the match, Oribe Peralta creates equal 1 to 1, beating Evan Bush. At the resumption of the game, it tries to clear a ball that hits Paul Aguillar.

The official awards a yellow card to Bush for hitting the ball in the direction of an opposing player while it is rather the latter that dark Bush.

But it is too late, the damage is made, Bush will be suspended for the ultimate game at the olympic Stadium, due to an accumulation of cardboard boxes. The goalkeeper admits he may have provoked the situation by going to talk with the official at half-time to remind him that he would not do anything to receive a carton, since he had already received earlier in the knock-out stages.

“In retrospect, maybe it was a bad idea because it put me more pressure, and it has put the spotlight on me. ”

► TVA Sports presents the return match, played at the olympic Stadium, this Sunday at 19 h.

A half too

Wednesday 29 April 2015, the atmosphere is electric at the olympic Stadium. There was a record crowd of 61 004 spectators, the stadium vibrates, the whole world is feverish.

“It is complicated to play at the olympic Stadium. But the crowd gave us chills. There should be a thank each person individually. Still today, when I talk about it, I get chills, ” recalls Laurent Ciman.

The supporters have the right to dream, the Impact plays the return match at home, and the feast soon began when Andrés Romero gives the lead to the Blue-white-black in the 8th minute of the game. “Ten minutes after the goal of Romero, Nacho has a chance to play to a key and can be put at the bottom. It is a hook and does not mark, ” recalls Bernier.

Without Bush

The Impact must play without Evan Bush, suspended for accumulation of yellow cards, and must defer to Kristian Nicht, a custodian of an emergency found in Indianapolis, in the USL.

“We have lost a major part with Bush and we had to call a guard who arrived on the late. I don’t put the blame on the goalkeeper, ” says Ciman.

Yet, all the ingredients are here for a memorable evening. The protagonists have never forgotten this encounter, but not for the right reasons. If the players involved in this game have not forgotten, it is because after returning to the locker room with a 1-0 lead at half-time, the team is completely deflated by the result.

América scored four goals without reply between the 50th and 81st minute, three of which are signed Dario Benedetto. Jack McInerney narrows the gap in the 88th, but it is too late.

“We have not been able to manage the second-half, empty-handed Bernier. It has been hit in the ropes like a boxer. ”

Patrice Bernier, the memory is very vivid when he speaks of this game and this series. In each of the two games he was a substitute and was brought into the game in the last quarter of an hour. “I remember a sequence, I believe that it was after the second goal, we see our body language and I didn’t feel that it was going to come back. He would have had to find how to perk up the team.

“The really good teams don’t panic 2 to 1 then we saw that we had knocked out. ”

His only regret is not having been able to exercise a greater influence on the match as it was a substitute.

“I would have liked to come earlier, I had the ability to calm the game, it was my role. I’m embedded to 3 to 1 and it was played, I could see my team stunned. “

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