A fire truck for their engagement photo

Un camion de pompier pour leurs photos de fiançailles

Members of the service de sécurité incendie de Donnacona used a truck scale for taking photos in the framework of the betrothal of a friend of the director of that same fire department.

VAT News has had access to the videos captured by citizens on Saturday afternoon. You can see the vehicle 302 of the municipality, which is in fact the pump truck-scale of the place.

The event lasted at least three hours and required the presence of this truck during a good part of the afternoon.

However, this equipment acquired at a cost of$ 345,000 may be called to intervene in the six municipalities in the county of Portneuf, Neuville, Pont-Rouge, Saint-Basile to Cap-Santé, Portneuf, and Deschambault smelters.

“I wasn’t aware of that”

The mayor of the municipality claims to have been informed only on Saturday night by the citizens.

“This is not a common practice for us. You can’t borrow equipment public without a permit, where one is rendered with a fire truck (…). The board of directors has nothing allowed and not me any more”, explains Jean-Claude Léveillée.

By chance, this truck has a scale of 95 feet was not necessary to cover a major fire during this photo session, but the use of public equipment for a wedding is not the case of everyone in the municipality.

“I’m going to have a meeting with the director of the fire service this week to see more clear in this folder”, added Mr. Léveillée.

Asked about a possible penalty, the mayor has not wanted to confirm this information.

Let us remind that the brigade of fire safety has 32 volunteer fire fighters and protects a population of 7300 inhabitants.

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