A first moving encounter for papi Remy

Une première rencontre émouvante pour papi Rémy

With the containment which has messed up their life, the Quebecois must be resourceful. Our readers are witness here to their new daily life, filled with challenges, but also opportunities.

Glimmer of hope in these difficult times of social distancing, the photo of the first meeting of the little Noah with his grand-dad Rémy, through a door-window, has moved tens of thousands of internet users.

“Beautiful and sad at the same time “. “Very touching “. “Good luck, it’s going to go well “. “The tears rise to the eyes. “

More than 26 000 people have seen the photo on social networks by Louiselle Fortin and thousands have shared, to the great surprise of the lady of 63-year-old.

“I made a damned break ! One did not do it to be popular. I took a few photos for the baby to remember the encounter through the window, ” says the grandma.

On the picture, we see her partner Rémy Morin, the look full of tenderness, who made the acquaintance of his 11th grandchild, snuggled in a blanket in the hollow of the arms of his mother, Claudie Morin.

Moment of happiness

Striking symbol of the social distancing imposed by the pandemic COVID-19, a door-window separates the grand-daddy of the little Noah.

“I was so happy to see it, but it is sure that it was difficult,” says the retired 67-year-old, still moved by the situation.

The idea of this first meeting to say the least, unusual came of the other children of Mrs. Morin.

Noah being the fifth child of the family of L’ange-Gardien, near Quebec city, his big sisters were very sad that their grand-father could not come to see him in the days following his birth, march 31.

Anxious to comply with the safety instructions, the family therefore thought of this possibility, which allowed for a contact, ” closer than a FaceTime call “.

The mom, 31-year-old was in his living room while the grand-dad stayed on the balcony.

“When I approached the window, I felt was not sadness or melancholy. It was just pride, as usual, to introduce him to his new grandson, “says Morin, adding that the” barrier window ” off course a little bit of heat.

The nostalgia came later, in reading the many comments of users, who seem to have found some comfort in this gesture improvised.

Baby nine

And when asked about the grand-daddy Remy what he will do when he is finally able to take Noah in his arms : “I’m going to paste it and put her little head in my neck “… hoping that he could feel still the baby of nine.

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