A first solo project for songwriter globe-trotter

Un premier projet solo pour le compositeur globe-trotter

Alex McMahon is one of the musicians most in demand in recent years. Having already shared the stage with Daniel Bélanger, Ariane Moffatt and Yann Perreau, to name a few, the composer 37-year-old will launch this fall the soundtrack that he designed for the serial Expat.

Alex McMahon is a great traveler. The dad of two children 6 and 10 years old, the musician continues to go regularly to the adventure with his family or alone with his wife. “We made four or five trips per year,” he said. In recent years, it has spoiled a lot. “

When the pandemic broke out at Quebec city, Alex was in Guadeloupe for three days. “Before that, we were in Costa Rica. We also had to go to New Orleans in April. And in that moment, I was supposed to be in Miami. “

The musician wondered, of course, how will travel in a world post-COVID. “It is sure that life will be turned upside down. There will be all the hygiene measures. But me, I’m not going to deprive myself (laughs) ! And if it makes it so that there is less tourism in some places and it restores a little to the ecosystem, it will not come for nothing. “

Reinvent themselves elsewhere

Alex McMahon was visibly the composer appointed to do the music for the series Expat, who plays on VAT and CASA.

“The director, Jean-Philippe Pariseau really gave me carte blanche,” he said. It is heard on the musical styles that we liked both of them. I invited some friends to come and sing. “

The first excerpt, which comes from being launched, over there, includes the participation of Gabriel L. B. Malenfant, alias Gabio (Radio to Radio). Alan Prater (The Brooks), The Bronze, Eman (Alaclair Ensemble), Kim Ho, Simon Kearney and Gaële will also be on the album, which will be released in the fall.

The series giving voice to people who have left Quebec to go live in a foreign country, Alex McMahon mentions that he himself could be an expatriate, in his youth.

“When I was studying music, it was one of my goals to go abroad. It spoke to me of the wave of the west coast or New York. I thought to me uproot to go and reinvent myself elsewhere. It is a dream that I have cherished for a long time. Then, I moved to Montreal and I’m set to play several nights a week. I played with Daniel Bélanger at the age of 21. “

“But I’m sorry zero,” he continues. I would really not have that quality of life and opportunities that I have at the moment if I was gone. I would probably have another life. I am a privileged. “

Song family

Very popular, Alex McMahon has not turned thumbs a very long time with the containment of the beginning of the pandemic. “I have friends who eat their down-time from COVID, but for me, it has generated the book. “

It is he who has provided the musical direction of the show A chance that has, TVA and Télé-Québec. He also made the jingle of It’s going to go well. And while he had a few days break, it’s designed with her children the song Eat my farts COVID.

The clip, which account for the participation of Ariane Moffatt, totals more than 143,000 views on YouTube. “I was talking the other day with Patrice Michaud, who told me that he had heard children sing the song in a park in the Gaspé peninsula !” said Alex.

The musician was from this fall’s tour with Louis-Jean Cormier, who was released in the spring of the excellent album When the night falls. Bathing in uncertainty as to the recovery of the business, Alex has the chance to work on tv shows, as There is in the world to mass.

And what does he think of the concerts virtual ? “It’s like Jell-O with cherries instead of eating cherries, he replies with candor. It is not true that people will continue to stay at home to watch live shows in virtual reality. I hope that this is not the future. “

Alex McMahon will release his album the Expat Flight. 1 in the fall. The serial Expat is broadcast Mondays at 21 h, in VAT, and Wednesday, 21 h, at CASA.

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