A first woman at the head of the board of directors of the Quebec city airport

Une première femme à la tête du conseil d'administration de l’aéroport de Québec

The changes continue at the Quebec Airport, which hosts a first woman at the head of its board of directors.

On Tuesday, members of the board have elected Lise Lapierre for the position of president. She succeeds former editor of the Journal de Québec Jean-Claude Labbé. He had held the post since February 2019.

Mrs. Lapierre is not at his first steps at the international Airport Jean-Lesage de Québec (YQB). She was up here the position of vice-president of the board of directors.

“At a time when the COVID-19 hit the air transport industry in the country and in the world, I look forward to working with all directors, the team and the dynamic forces in the regional for the Quebec city Airport is in a good position to bounce back at the time of the recovery,” it said in a press release Ms. Lapierre.

It should be noted that it is not a dismissal for Mr. Labbé. His third and last term as a director will expire in 2020.

A number of challenges

In the coming months, the challenges will be many for Mrs. Lapierre, who has worked for several years in the venture capital field in Access to Capital, Quebec city.

At the end of march, the management of the airport has proceeded with the layoff of forty workers due to the decrease in the number of flights. Wednesday, only four departures were scheduled to YQB. In comparison, last march 16, there were 38.

In addition to having to deal with the recovery of the air transport industry, Ms. Lapierre will have to juggle with an organization whose financial health is more fragile because of many investments in recent years.

For the months of march and April, the management was anticipating a decline in ridership of 85% compared to its initial forecasts.

In total, YQB had approximately 180 employees, of which thirty were seasonal, prior to the pandemic.

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