A forced shutdown of the production: Bombardier gives reason to Machinists

The Machinists are delighted to be able to roll back Bombardier in the framework of the forced shutdown of its manufacturing operations earlier this week.

Conforming to the call of the government of Quebec to stop any activity deemed non-essential, Bombardier has laid off Tuesday, a few 9 100 workers on the 12-600 that she had in Quebec at the beginning of the week.

However, contrary to the european Airbus which has managed to maintain an employment relationship with its workers off, Bombardier chose instead to do so through layoffs, without more support than that offered by the employment insurance plan.

The problem is that making these layoffs are temporary, a gesture perfectly legal in the circumstances, the executive officer of Bombardier wanted his members to give up their vacation by accepting cash in on their rebates.

Decision review

“There is no harm to do so when permanent layoffs, recognizes Eric Rancourt, business agent of section 712 of the international Association of machinists and aerospace workers (IAMAW). But in the case of a temporary layoff, the act prohibits an employer to do so. It is against the law.”

After the filing of a group grievance and union, followed by exchanges with the counsel of each party, Bomber is finally back on its decision on Wednesday, giving workers until the 10th of July to take their summer vacation.

“We can not rejoice in the fact that employees are now resorting to unemployment, says a union representative. But we can still rejoice in having successfully argued that if it is true that the holidays are a right, the choice of time of these is just as important.”

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