a former caregiver from an intensive care unit admits drugging her colleagues

    a former caregiver from an intensive care unit admits drugging her colleagues

    The former nursing assistant heard within the framework of an investigation for poisoning within the North Franche-Comté hospital in Belfort admitted to having put a “pharmaceutical product” in the drinks of his colleagues.

    During his hearing, “she admitted that she did not give holy water” to her colleagues, as she argued at the beginning of the investigation, but “admitted to putting a pharmaceutical” in their drinks, said the public prosecutor of Belfort, Eric Plantier, confirming information from the daily Le Parisien.

    The facts date back to June 2019, well before the covid-19 crisis which particularly affected this hospital in the Territoire de Belfort.

    The investigations are continuing within the framework of the investigation for “administration of harmful substance” opened in 2019 and entrusted to the research brigade of the gendarmerie of Belfort, after the complaint of several caregivers of the North Franche-Comté hospital.

    “Tell us what product we were drugged with”

    The plaintiffs accuse this 57-year-old former caregiver of injecting a harmful product, probably a neuroleptic, into their drinks to poison them, as we told you about in this article. “What we would like is for the case to be judged, for there to be a conviction and to be told above all with what product we were drugged” one of the victims confided in September 2020.

    The victims felt ill and weakened but none died. To be clear, the team of caregivers had installed a cell phone to film the refrigerator where their drinks were, revealed the regional daily L’Est Républicain.

    They had filmed a nursing assistant from their team pouring a liquid using a syringe into their bottles. She had been excluded by the management of the hospital who had filed a complaint.

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