A former DG of the Expos wants the baseball in Nashville

Un ancien DG des Expos veut du baseball à Nashville

Dave Dombrowski, who has been general manager of the Montreal Expos, joined the group Music City Baseball LLC to bring a franchise of the major leagues in Nashville.

The man in baseball and two-time champion of the world Series himself has confirmed the news in a press release.

The city of Tennessee hopes to one day hand over a team via expansion or by moving to a formation that already exists.

“It is clear to me that Nashville is ready for the major league baseball. Music City Baseball takes intelligent decisions and exciting working to bring a team here,” said Dombrowski.

“Nashville is a city with deep roots as baseball. By the time we emerge from the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19, I believe that baseball, and more specifically, Music City Baseball, can play a role in order to meet this city,” he continued.

The American of 63 years, joined the Expos in 1986 as the director of the teams with affiliates in the minor leagues. He then climbed the ranks to occupy the position of DG from 1988 to 1991.

He subsequently occupied a similar position as well as being the president with the Marlins of Miami, before joining the Tigers in Detroit in 2001. In Michigan, Dombrowski has been general manager and president until 2015. He was president of the Boston Red Sox until his dismissal in September 2019.

The group Music City Baseball LLC was formed in 2019, with the goal of bringing a team to expand the MLB to Nashville by 2024.

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