a former McDonald’s converted into a food aid platform

    a former McDonald’s converted into a food aid platform

    In recent days, in the northern districts of Marseille, a McDonald’s has been converted into a food aid platform, social and solidarity. A form of counterbalance to junk food in this former industrial fast food restaurant.

    The project materialized through several actions including a solidarity Christmas last week. “The platform turned into Father Christmas’s back base with Kader, with Nadia, who traveled and collected thousands of gifts,” explains a member of the Marseille working-class neighborhood union at the RTL microphone. These gifts were able to be distributed to hundreds, thousands, of young Marseillais who did not have Christmas. The heart of this platform is to help the people of Marseilles and Marseillais quite simply with quality food products. “

    In the packages, we find, for example, organic vegetables prepared by Mourad, a volunteer at After M. “We have between 650 and 700 families. We have seen a radical change from the first confinement, “he said.

    Thursday December 31, a solidarity New Year’s Eve will be organized with a festive meal planned for nearly 800 people in precarious situations.

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