A former Ramparts to protect its patients

Un ancien des Remparts protège bien ses patients

The former player of the Remparts, Marc-Antoine Carrier is now well away from the rinks and hockey nets, as it helps these days its patients to defeat the disease as doctor of the university Institute of cardiology and respirology of Quebec.

In fact, the ex-defender has evolved under the orders of head coach Patrick Roy is one of the five persons occupying this position at this place. The one who has played 84 matches with the red Devils in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 guard under his wing to people experiencing a variety of symptoms, except those with the COVID-19.

“All those who work in the health care system are doing their part. I do not consider myself a hero, he mentioned in an interview with the expert hockey of the channel TVA Sports Louis Jean. It covers consultations to the emergency, but the hospital patients also. We are the first called by the nursing staff if there are concerns in relation to patients outside of the intensive care unit.”

Even if some moments are difficult to live within the framework of his daily work, Dr. Carrier is happy to help others to take the road back to health.

“It is a beautiful time to be in the hospitals, because we see a great wave of solidarity, he said. It is nice to be able to do my part.”

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