A former star of the baseball is accused of having hit her daughter

Une ancienne vedette du baseball accusée d’avoir frappé sa fille

The former player of the major league baseball Josh Hamilton was charged Monday for assault in respect of his eldest daughter, 14 years of age.

According to the newspaper “the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,” the 38-year-old allegedly wounded the teenager to the 30 September and was delivered to the authorities of the city of Keller, Texas, exactly a month later. He was then released with a bail of $ 35,000.

The accused is said to have thrown a water bottle on the chest of her offspring, before grabbing a chair on which his daughter was. It would have also projected toward it, reaching to the leg, according to the police report, including the journal reported. The documents of local authorities have also referred to blows to the back and legs of the young victim.

The incident in question apparently occurred two days after the accused had been honored by the Texas Rangers, the training in which he has achieved the most success during his career. The procedures in this file will resume at an undetermined date, since the hearings before the tribunal are suspended until may 11 because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

The most valuable player to his team in the american League in 2010, Hamilton has had problems of consumption of drugs and alcohol at the beginning of the years 2000. He was more in control on the baseball fields, being invited five times in a row at the all-star game. In 2008, he has won the contest circuit. Bothered by injuries, he no longer played after the campaign 2015.

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