A French tourist pays 1110$ for two stitches

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    Frank Touris received an invoice from 1110 $ so he needed two stitches for a cut to the head.

    Magalie Lapointe

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 21:06

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 21:06

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    A French tourist said to have had to pay an administration fee of 1050 $ for a visit to the emergency room, while the medical cost of only $60.

    On Saturday 5 August, Frank Touris, has had the front cut off by the propeller of a boat and the blood flowed freely, he vomited, and then he lost consciousness.

    His friend was then quickly taken to the hospital Suroît, Valleyfield, in Montérégie, where he was told that the fee would be $ 1,500 and that it would pay if it cost less.

    Even if it was insured, he found the cost excessive. He then went to the hospital Barrie Memorial, in Ormstown, always in the Montérégie region.

    At this location, the secretary told him that the administrative costs were $ 1050 $ in addition to the fee for the medical procedure. On the invoice obtained by The Newspaper, the two points of suture, which required a twenty minute job cost $ 60 for a total of 1110 $.

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    “She (the secretary) told me that this was the minimum and that even if the doctor did nothing, this amount would be required. She said it was to pay for the administrative costs, ” said Mr. Touris.

    Him who dreamed to settle in Quebec, it confirms that this experience has become disillusioned. Despite the language barrier, he prefers to consider another canadian province. “You realize ! I can’t come here with a child who suffers. This is pure madness, ” said the father of the family.

    650 $ maximum

    According to a document of the ministry of Health for the cost of ambulatory and administrative, visitors who do not have the health insurance card are not required to pay more than $ 650 fee from the cost of the treatment.

    Mr. Touris, to him, had to pay 1050 $ for administrative costs to the CISSS de la Montérégie-Ouest.

    According to the spokesperson of the institution, Jade St-Jean, the required amount to Mr. Touris was only a deposit in case the care would be more expensive. She argues that the establishment will reimburse the customer in the next month.

    “The CISSS respects the amount of 649,95 $ “, said the spokesperson Jade Saint-Jean.

    However, nothing on the invoice that Mr. Touris does not indicate that it is a deposit.

    Ms. St. John added that any person who requires emergency care will be taken care of, a canadian resident or not, since it’s part of the code of ethics of the physician.

    “In Quebec, it’s incredible, you have the time to die three times before seeing a doctor. It is a crazy thing. Not to mention that we have to change hospital as the tariff is different from one to the other, ” quipped Philippe Touris whose vacation in Quebec ended on Saturday.


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