A friendship striking up between Geneviève Jodoin and Laurence Jalbert

Une amitié marquante entre Geneviève Jodoin et Laurence Jalbert

There are between Laurence Jalbert, and Geneviève Jodoin a friendship that has seen the light of day there are a dozen of years. And it is obvious that they will find themselves, together, on stage, at the same time, on the occasion of the five shows in common that they provide in the framework of the tour TD Musiparc. It is written in the sky.

The two authors, composers and performers will be featured, in “ciné-parc”, in Gatineau, Bromont, Mirabel, Quebec, and Mercier, between the 1st and the 12th of July.

A chorister in the show Belle et Bum, Geneviève Jodoin has shared the stage with Laurence Jalbert a few times.

“She came to Belle et Bum about once a month,” she noted, laughing, during a phone interview.

Geneviève Jodoin had just launched her first album and the singer with a mane of fire, loved what she was doing. She was invited to do the first parts of his shows. It was in 2009.

“Laurence is always, a little like a guardian angel, close to me. It is good to have it not far for her wonderful tips and for the great lady she is. She is so inspiring,” says the winner of the edition 2019 of the show The voice.

Geneviève Jodoin has experienced painful moments during this series of shows, with the death of his father.

“She was always there to support me. She always has the right words. This was a time of sad and beautiful at the same time, thanks to it,” she said.

An inspiration

Laurence Jalbert remembers these moments. She recalled that Genevieve was on the point of giving birth. His guitar was so high on its “belly” that she was hiding half of his face.

“My arms are wide open and I need to surround the world. I’m made like that. My musicians call me “his” mother”, was launched at the end of the wire.

The author, composer and interpreter installed on The Isle-aux-Coudres admit to having been influenced by Laurence Jalbert. The first concerts she has seen, are those of the singer gaspé in the company of her sisters.

“She was, without knowing it, my singing teacher. I so much listened to. I learned all of it. I wanted to be rocker like it with my little voice is all that clear of a young girl. I was singing the tunes she was singing. I was singing of Janis Joplin, because she sang the Janis Joplin”, she mentioned.

There is no doubt and they have not hidden: we are going to be together during these five evenings.

Like a bull

A few hours before the first show which will be presented on Wednesday at TD Musiparc of Gatineau, Laurence Jalbert admits to having difficulty to hold it in place. She had to present 78 shows between the months of April and October.

“I can’t do it anymore. I am like a bull who sees the covered red”, she expressed. Geneviève Jodoin no longer remembers too much of the last performance she gave. It think it was in February, at a benefit piano voice in a corporate event.

“Not all the artists who have this opportunity and I have a thought for them at this time. It is a privilege to have the chance to do these shows and I very much look forward”, she stated.

Concerts of the week series Musiparc

27 June

  • Blue Jeans, Blue (Québec)
  • Guylaine Tanguay (Bromont)
  • The Lost Fingers (Gatineau)
  • Brigitte Boisjoli (Mercier)
  • France D’amour (ICAR, Mirabel)

1st July

  • The Lost Fingers (Quebec)
  • Ludovick Bourgeois (Bromont)
  • Genevieve Jodoin and Laurence Jalbert (Gatineau)
  • Guylaine Tanguay (Mercier)
  • Marc Hervieux (ICAR, Mirabel)

2 July

  • The Lost Fingers (Quebec)
  • Kaïn (Bromont)
  • Marc Hervieux (Gatineau)
  • France D’amour (Mercier)
  • Ludovick Bourgeois (ICAR, Mirabel)

3 July

  • France D’amour (Québec)
  • Kaïn (Bromont)
  • Marc Dupré (Gatineau)
  • Marc Hervieux (Mercier)
  • 2Frères (ICAR, Mirabel)
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