A gang of luxury watch thieves arrested in Saint-Tropez and Marseille

    A gang of luxury watch thieves arrested in Saint-Tropez and Marseille

    It’s a team of luxury watch thieves whose price swings between 15,000 and 25,000 euros that the gendarmes of the territorial brigade of Saint Tropez put out of harm’s way. A first individual was arrested Monday in Saint Tropez, in flagrante delicto. And the other two this Wednesday in Marseille after a lot of cross-checking. These bands, domiciled in Spain, but originating from North Africa, settled for a few months in Marseille and then increased their raids of a few hours in the Gulf of Saint Tropez or towards the Alpes-Maritimes, in Cannes in particular. Many facts were reported this summer. And the Gulf of Saint Tropez has been facing an upsurge in recent weeks.

    Always the same operating mode

    Bands that always act according to the same operating mode. Arriving by car in Saint Tropez, the team parks in a car park. The driver drops off his 2 accomplices who are walking around casually. In reality, they spot potential victims whom the duo approach. While one distracts attention, the second very skillfully relieves the owner of his precious object. Without violence. Some victims do not even realize it, when others feel something, it is already too late, the two men have fled.

    Delinquents helped in their escape by motorists

    But at the beginning of the week, one of them is caught by the gendarmes. His accomplices manage to escape the gendarmes, but also the device they put in place to try to block criminals in the Gulf. Not because they went very quickly. But because they have been helped. Helped by motorists who made light calls to them, without having delinquents in front of them. And by Waze, the application which provides information on the presence of radars or law enforcement in a sector. Carpet in their car on a small path, they only had to wait patiently for the soldiers to break camp, to take back the direction of Marseille.

    But the investigators did not let go. The individual they arrested has a cell phone, with many, many photos that the gendarmes will use. Photos that will identify a neighborhood and an address in Marseille. Where the accomplices were hiding. The investigators therefore went to look for them this Wednesday morning.

    The two men were therefore taken into police custody. Then at the end, they were the subject of an immediate appearance procedure before the Criminal Court of Draguignan which is underway this Wednesday afternoon.

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