A German lawyer is suffering from continuous deliveries of pizza, sushi and sausage

In Germany unknown vymachivayut lawyer continuous deliveries of pizza, sushi and sausage, which he didn’t order.

Німецький адвокат потерпає від безперервних доставок піци, суші і ковбасок

Police are investigating the delivery of over 100 pizzas to the lawyer Guido Grill in Dortmund. Orders came for two weeks and now the lawyer began to bratwurst, and sushi he is also ordered.

The man complains that can’t work because endless e-mails about delivery distract him from his work.

According to one version, the online orders come from a dissatisfied customer. Dersou where Groll, work and other lawyers.

If intentional harassment is proven, the perpetrator can receive up to three years in prison. Ordering products for the face, abusing her personal data is a form of persecution on German law.

At the same time, fraud or blackmail is considered unlikely because Grell does not pay for the pizza.

The lawyer assumes, the speed of the orders shows that the reason delivery could be a computer error or malicious computer code. One morning during the 27 minutes he got 15 orders.

He added that the test of his own computer revealed no faults.

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