A giant iceberg that broke away from Antarctica began to melt

Гигантский айсберг, отколовшийся от Антарктиды начал таять

The largest iceberg that calved from the ice shelf of Antarctica, on the verge of extinction. It is reported by the us space Agency NASA.

FACT 1. Iceberg “B-15”, the area of which was larger than the area of Jamaica, was separated from the ice shelf of Antarctica in 2000.

FACT 2. After separation, the iceberg has floated part of the way around Antarctica, and then in 2016, went to the southern waters of the Atlantic. During its existence, “B-15” swam more than 10 thousand kilometers. It is known that he now moves to the equator.

FACT 3. Experts report that the object begins to break up into smaller fragments, which begin to melt, and in the center of the iceberg has already been observed a large fissure.

FACT 4. The iceberg had a significant impact on the ecology of Antarctica. In particular, let the ocean currents and winds to break the ice in the summer in the Strait McMurdo station in 2004-2005. The ice led to the decline of the numbers of Adelie penguins, which the obstacle could not reach her babies. In addition, because of the iceberg suffered Weddell seals and Skuas.


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