A good season for salmon fishing

Une bonne saison pour la pêche au saumon

RIMOUSKI | The season of the salmon fishing has made a very good start in the East-of-Québec. In the river Mitis, 722 fish would have borrowed the new facilities since mid-June, 322 more than the average for this period.

The river Mitis benefits since June 6, a new trap salmon standing. It is part of the new acquisitions that help to ensure the conservation and enhancement of the river.

“Because we have a good spawning run this year, the trap is effective, attractive. The salmon, as soon as they enter the river, are captured and taken upstream of the Hydro-Québec’s infrastructure. We are very happy of the situation,” explained Sebastian Ross, regional director of the wildlife management in the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

The fishermen at the rendez-vous

Of the fishing enthusiasts encountered on-site admit that they don’t have observed a decrease in the number of fishermen since the beginning of the pandemic. It is, however, local fishermen as those from Europe and the United States were not able to attend as usual in Bas-Saint-Laurent this summer.

Lovers of sports fishing to the east of the province are pleasantly surprised by the abundance of salmon this season.

“The runs in, starting it, and it has exploded! There are already more than 700 salmon in the river here. That’s why we’re here!”, exclaimed Alain Gagnon, who practice sport fishing for nearly 40 years.

The season will continue until the end of September.

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