A group calls for the vaccination of all

Un groupe demande la vaccination pour tous

At-risk persons have suffered the consequences of the pandemic, in recent months, particularly those with breast cancer.

The Coalition priorité Cancer has asked the government to provide all people with the vaccines for influenza and pneumonia this fall.

“If, because of the déconfinement, we saw more traffic in emergency rooms and hospitals, there are fears that it may need to close or slow down services in oncology,” said Eva Villalba, of the Coalition priorité Cancer au Québec.

During the containment, the treatments in the hospitals was difficult to obtain. The organization would like to see the government offer adapted treatments.

It cites the example of France, which offered the possibility of following a chemotherapy infusion at home.

In 2017-2018, 32% of people aged 18 to 74 years who live with a chronic disease were vaccinated. In the 75 years and over, it was 75%.

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