A hacking massive aims the Twitter accounts of public figures and companies in the u.s.

Un piratage massif vise les comptes Twitter de personnalités et d’entreprises américaines

NEW YORK | Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Barack Obama: these personalities and many others have been covered on Wednesday by a hacking massive to cryptomonnaies on Twitter, which puts it back on the front scene the issue of cyber security.

Messages on these hacked accounts for the most rapidly cleared, would invite such users to quickly send bitcoins to specific addresses, claiming to return in exchange for the double of the amounts transferred.

According to the specialized site Blockchain.com, which trace the transactions made in cryptomonnaies, a total of 12.58 bitcoins, or nearly 116 000 dollars, has been sent to one of the addresses mentioned in the tweets to be fraudulent.

“Happy Wednesday! I offer bitcoins to all my subscribers. I double all the payments sent to the bitcoin address below”, and in particular have been able to read the users on the account of Elon Musk, the mercurial boss of Tesla.

The accounts of the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates, the boss of Amazon Jeff Bezos, the democratic candidate in the presidential election, Joe Biden, former New York city mayor Mike Bloomberg, and even the famous investor Warren Buffett have posted during a time of messages with the similar content.

Those of companies like Apple and Uber, as well as companies specialized in the bitcoin have also been victims of this hacking of very great magnitude.

The campaign Joe Biden said that the social network had blocked the account of the democratic candidate as soon as the intrusion was recorded in order to erase the tweet issue.

“We can confirm that this tweet was not sent by Bill Gates”, for its part, said a spokesman for Mr. Gates to the AFP.

“It seems to be part of a broader problem that Twitter is facing. Twitter is aware of and works to restore the account,” she added.

In a message issued on his Twitter account Support, the social network has confirmed “to be aware of a security incident” and said it is working to its resolution.

Impossible to tweet

“It is possible that you may not be able to tweet, or reset your password while we investigate this incident,” added the account a little later then that many utilisatires were unable to post messages.

The company’s stock fell more than 3 % on Wall Street in electronic trading after the close.

“The most likely hypothesis is that the hackers are entered in the possession of the administration panel of employees of Twitter, which allows users to change the passwords and disable the authentication at multiple factors,” says Rachel Tobac, president of the company’s cyber-security SocialProof Security.

Such a manipulation, ” said Ms. Tobac, has been able to help individuals or groups of malware to take control of the accounts attacked.

The network of the blue bird has already been the victim of targeted attacks in the past.

In march 2017, many of the certified accounts, including those of Amnesty International, French ministry of the Economy, or the BBC’s North America, had been hijacked by suspected pirates, in favour of the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Last August, a series of messages insulting or racist was published on the personal account of Jack Dorsey, without his knowledge.

The founder of Twitter had been a victim of a scam the SIM card. In this type of attack, hackers manage to transfer the mobile number of the target on another phone in their possession.

The hacking Wednesday, however, seems of an entirely different magnitude and caused already many questions in a little more than 3 months of the us presidential election, where the issues of cyber-security should be in the foreground.

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