A hidden camera at a motorcycle dealer hits the Internet

    A hidden camera at a motorcycle dealer hits the Internet

    The video was released on December 26 and has already been viewed nearly 3.5 million times on the Internet. A hidden camera shot in Valence (Drôme) at Chave Motos is a hit. The pilot and stuntwoman, Sarah Lezito, plays a trick on Julien, a technician employed by the dealership.

    “I was amazed” – Julien

    Sarah Lezito came in June 2019 to buy a motocross bike and took the opportunity to set a trap for one of the employees, says Fabrice, the manager: “We wanted to trap the salesperson at the base but he knew Sarah. So we went around the dealership and Julien didn’t seem to react when he saw her. We thought he would be the trapped”.

    The trapped just keeps good memories but if he had a few cold sweats on the day of the trap: “She did well on purpose to stall while taking the motorcycle. I told myself that we had to be careful because this is not a motorcycle to put in all hands. And then she does her show”.

    Sarah Lezito skids and tricks on her motorcycle. The technician cannot believe it: “I was amazed. Inside I was like ‘this is going to end badly, she is going to hurt herself’”. On the video, however, the very talkative young man remains rather silent: “You can’t tell customers everything either, you have to know how to contain yourself”.

    The video is in any case a nice publicity stunt for the dealership. Customers came back to tell Fabrice about this video. Sarah Lezito, she plans to return to Valencia to buy a new motorcycle … but not trapping anyone this time.

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