A hit and draws attention to the 222 and highways

Un chauffard attire l’attention sur la 222 et des autoroutes

SHERBROOKE — A hit and moving at high speed on the road 222 and highway 55, and 610 has not failed to attract attention, at the beginning of Wednesday night.

Around midnight 30, the police officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) have captured the young motorist travelling on highway 610 to 170 km/h, in the direction is.

“This detection has been made following a report about a motorist who was travelling at high speed,” said Aurélie Guindon, a spokesperson for the SQ, in the eastern Townships.

“The offender, a resident of Sherbrooke, aged 29 years, received a statement of offence of 1373 $ and 14 demerit points for excessive speed.”

In addition, his driving licence was suspended for seven days and his vehicle has also been impounded, ” says Guindon.