A hot fight for a position as a blocker

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    Used to play as a blocker to the left at the college level, Ketel Assé is used right from the beginning of the camp to the Red and Gold.

    Richard Boutin

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 21:14

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 21:14

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    Some aspirants will fight to get the job of blocker thus left free by the departure of Jean-Simon Roy for the CFL.

    Of the number, we find Ketel Assé, which is his second campaign with the Red and Gold of the University Laval. “This is a very important year for me, said the product of the Nomads of Montmorency. I want to help the team and take my place. I barely played last year, less than I would have liked, but I understood the situation. I want to help the team and win the Vanier Cup. “

    Since the beginning of the camp, Assé plays as a blocker to the right with the first unit. “Montmorency, I have mostly played on the left, but I need to be able to do both. I am in the process of developing a complicity with Samuel Thomassin, who plays at my side. I know my games and my technique has improved. Laval and Montmorency, it was completely different, as a system, and I lived through the period of adaptation. “

    Of the action for the rookie

    Because Francis Chabot performs a gradual return after having suffered a fracture to an ankle during the Cup Dunsmore, last November, the rookie Nicolas Thibodeau sees a lot of action. He is taking reps as the blocker on the left with the first unit.

    “It’s a great mark of confidence of the coaches, but this would be a little spicy to believe that it means something in anticipation of the season, pointed to the rookie of the Black and Gold of Valleyfield. There is a position open, but there are some veterans in front of me. My presence at the camp spring in Florida made as the game unfolds more slowly in front of me. The communication goes well and I don’t have to think of 72 things. I can play instead of think. “

    If the three recruits are grafted to the offensive line in January, two others have done the same thing in training camp. Andy Genoese and Cyril Hogan-Smith made their debut. The Red and Gold set on 12 players of the offensive line.

    Start and injuries

    After having taken part in the summer training, the half defensive Mathieu Savard, Elks Garneau, decided to pack up a few days before the start of training camp. “He played well and he would have been able to cause surprises, but he said no more the flame,” said Constantine.

    Samuel Maranda-Bizeau has not been able to complete the workout due to a neck injury that caused him headaches. Same thing for the receiver, Antony Dufour, who is annoyed by a level of discomfort with an ischio-tibialis. The linebacker Philippe Ouellet is injured an ankle Saturday.

    A return to the sources for Collinson

    Brad Collinson is back in the staff coach in a different role.

    Coach of the bearers of ball and head of the school, Collinson was gone at the end of the season for family reasons. His wife, a lawyer, becoming a partner in a major law office and it was to dwell in the metropolis.

    “Brad is back in the role of a recruiter in the Montréal region, as in 2010 his debut with us,” said head coach Glen Constantin. Brad will be also possibly present in parts abroad. “

    The principal is very happy about the turn of events, who was present for the workouts Saturday and Sunday. “I’m really happy, has stressed the father of two young boys. I had need of it. I’m bored of football, which is quite normal, but I can’t go back in the same role. My wife has a job that requires a lot of time. “

    “Recruitment has always been part of my tasks and this is something that I love. I’m going to go to college in the Montreal area and meet with potential recruits. I will also be present during parts of the Red and Gold in Montreal. “


    At the end of the workout, Constantine has served a warning to his flock. He has seen a few tackles that he has not loved.

    “We have a little alignment and it is not a question of losing players to the training due to games at risk. In general, these are younger people who do not have the habit of lead in our own way. I warned the players that they will not become game time trying games risky. I’m going to get out the public dangers, and they will lose the opportunity to demonstrate their know-how to the coaches. “

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