A huge asteroid will approach the Earth in 2029-m on Friday, the 13th

Огромный астероид приблизится к Земле в 2029-м в пятницу, 13-го

The asteroid Apophis, which flies to us, will approach the Earth in 2029 on Friday the 13th, according to

Ten years later an asteroid with a diameter of approximately 340 meters, the impressive size, will pass by our planet at a distance of only 31 thousand kilometers, which is significantly less than the distance from the earth to the moon. Now scientists are no longer afraid of the Armageddon. They believe that Apophis is not a threat. Previously, the probability of collision with Earth in 2029, which could lead to disastrous consequences, was estimated at 2.7%.

This is not the first time that the space object will pass by the Earth. The scientists estimate that this will happen in 2036 and 2068.

The passage of Apophis, according to the researchers, will be a unique chance to really explore the nature of asteroids. They note that such a large object is approaching the Earth approximately once every thousand years. To see it with the naked eye and nearly two billion people, say scientists.

The asteroid Apophis was opened in 2004 and named after the ancient Egyptian God-serpent that seeks to devour the Sun.