A human tragedy, and economic

The owners of the shopping centre, Fleur de Lys, Quebec city, hoping for a government assistance to revive the industry of the retail trade, which was severely hit by the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

The prime minister of Québec, François Legault, announced that all malls were in their turn to close their doors as of midnight, Sunday, until the 1st of may.

William Trudel (right) and his brother, Jonathan.

Although it will be understanding in the face of this new measure, William Trudel, the founder president and ceo of the Trudel Alliance, which has, among others, Fleur de Lys, says he is very concerned.

“It is sure that it is our duty as a corporate citizen, to participate in the war effort against the COVID-19. By contrast, in both human and economic, we are extremely worried”, he says.

Shock wave

Mr. Trudel, among other state of the 400 commercial tenants of its various buying centres in Quebec city, who “have put all their lives in their trade” and who find themselves with no income from one day to the next day.

“There are no assistance programs announced for the commercial real estate or retail trade until now, or very little. It is a human tragedy. The financial crisis of 2008 or the terrorist attacks of September 2001 have never produced a wave of economic shock so powerful.”

For the business man of Beauport, the trade industry is as badly affected as that of the aviation nowadays, since the places of gathering are now closed by the government.

Questioned about the ability of its commercial tenants to deal with the crisis, William Trudel is categorical: “They will not pass it through”.

Financial losses huge

Already since a few days, the traffic of shopping centers Alliance Trudel was almost at a standstill. Fleur de Lys, in addition to seeing the number of customers dropping drastically, the school had hired security guards to prevent the elders to go there, for their own health, reducing the traffic of the place to a minimum.

“The revenue is no longer present since several days and we had, in addition, increase our expenses to [prevent the spread of the virus]. Now, the measure announced by Mr. Legault for the next two months will cause in addition to the financial losses of several tens of millions of dollars for us and our tenants,” predicts Mr. Trudel.

“There is going to have an emergency plan to save our industry. It is impossible to close all the shopping centres in Québec and hope that this industry goes through it without help. That’ll never happen”, slice-t-it.


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