a hundred yellow vests present, the departure of the procession is imminent

    a hundred yellow vests present, the departure of the procession is imminent


    The police are numerous around the place Guichard in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon where a hundred yellow vests – only – are currently gathered at the call of the collective yellow vests of Lyon and surroundings.

    The departure of the procession is imminent.

    The route
    The start of the event is scheduled for 2 p.m., Place Guichard in the 3rd arrondissement of Lyon. The procession must take Avenue de Saxe, Cours Gambetta, Pont de la Guillotière, reach Place Bellecour via Place Antonin-Poncet, and cross the Saône to end Quai Romain-Rolland in front of the courthouse of 24 Columns.

    The mobilization of this Saturday signs the “act 113” of the movement of yellow vests. The latter intend to denounce the “repression” during the latest demonstrations against the Global Security law and demand state investment for public services, in particular hospitals, the requisition of vacant housing, the establishment of the citizens’ initiative referendum. , etc.

    Their last big gathering was in November

    The last large gathering of yellow vests, alone, in the capital of Gaul dates from November 21, when they had been nearly 600 to mobilize for the “two years of struggle” of the movement, tensions between a handful of demonstrators and the security forces then broke out at the end of the demonstration. At the beginning of December, they were also numerous to join the procession for the “March of freedoms”.

    A movement born in November 2018
    Saturday November 17, 2018, throughout France, thousands of demonstrators dressed in yellow vests had mobilized to demonstrate against a rise in the price of gasoline: an increase thought by the government as part of the ecological transition, and of the pollute-pays principle.

    That day then marked the start of a movement that brought together, for months on roundabouts occupied day and night and every weekend, those who have been called since the yellow vests.

    A large part of the Peninsula closed to demonstrators

    The prefect of the Rhône issued a decree on Wednesday, January 6, banning a large part of the Peninsula from demonstrators to avoid incidents. “Processions, parades and protest rallies are prohibited on Saturday 9 January, from 12 to 8 pm, in Lyon”, in a large area between the Place des Terreaux and the Place Bellecour. The back alley of the Quai Gailleton at the level of the place Antonin-Poncet, the rue du colonel Chambonnet as well as the places Antonin-Poncet and Bellecour are excluded from this perimeter ”, stipulates the decree. The rue Victor-Hugo, as well as the place Carnot are also closed to the demonstrators.

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