A image to protect in the Yankees

Une image à protéger chez les Yankees

Replongés in spite of themselves in an old folder of flight of signals, the New York Yankees are trying to prevent the unveiling of some of the details.

“There is nothing that justifies the public disclosure of the letter,” has decided Jonathan Schiller, a lawyer representing the Yankees, in a statement published by the website sports The Athletic.

This famous letter, of which we want to keep the content secret, was sent to the Yankees by the commissioner Rob Manfred the result of a survey conducted in 2017 concerning allegations in a scandal of theft of signals. The Boston Red Sox and the Yankees, the great rivals of the eastern section of the american League, accused each other.

However, a judge in New York believes that this letter could be décachetée in the framework of a lawsuit initiated by a group of enthusiasts of sports betting against the major league baseball.

“The court has ruled that major league baseball has a written confidentiality was not relevant to the rejection of the cause, has continued the lawyer for the Yankees. Under the act established, it supports the right of the Yankees to privacy.”

Save some individuals

According to the Yankees, the unveiling of the letter would simply taint the reputation of some people. Major league baseball and the training in new york instead propose to submit, by Monday, a smaller version of the letter to protect the identity of individuals mentioned.

The judge involved in the case has already indicated that the content of the main letter was not going to be revealed before June 19, which could also allow the Yankees to bring the case on appeal.

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