A Japanese 112-year-old said the new dean of the male humanity

Un Japonais de 112 ans déclaré nouveau doyen masculin de l’humanité

TOKYO | A Japanese aged 112, was awarded the title of the new dean of the male humanity by the Guinness world records. Her secret to longevity? “Keep smiling “, he simply entrusted to us.

Chitetsu Watanabe was born on 5 march 1907 at Niigata, in the north-western part of Japan. It officially received its title Guinness Wednesday in the retirement home where he now resides, still in its hometown.

The previous record holder, Masazo Nonaka, another Japanese, who died last month at 112 years and 266 days.

Mr. Watanabe, who has had five children, said that the secret of his longevity was simply ” do not get angry and keep smiling “.

He recognized a weakness (sweets such as pudding caramel), but obviously that has not done wrong.

The present dean of the humanity of both sexes is a Japanese, Kane Tanaka, who has blown the last month its 117 candles.

Japan has a life expectancy, the highest in the world : more than 70,000 centenarians living in the country, out of a total population of approximately 126 million inhabitants, in strong demographic decline.

The world record absolute longevity of male is that of another Japanese who died in 2013 shortly after his 116th birthday, Jiroemon Kimura.

According to Guinness, the record for longevity that can be proven formally, all genders, remains detained by the French Jeanne, Calm down, who died in 1997 at the age of 122 years and 164 days.

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