A Justin Bieber love launches his new album

Un Justin Bieber amoureux lance son nouvel album

New York | The former sensation teenage pop Justin Bieber, very discreet in recent times has made a step towards a return to public life on Friday, leaving his first album since 2015, foreign Exchange, collection of songs sweet and romantic.

The Canadian 25-year-old – whose clashes with the police and the drug problems have tarnished the reputation – has recently taken a step back and revealed the depression from which he had suffered, as well as the happiness that he had found in marriage.

This new album is the coloring R&B is back wavering under the spotlight, which presents love as a refuge from the difficulties of the celebrity.

The 17 songs of foreign Exchange, short and full of messages of love for his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, have as a recurring theme in his desire to evolve.

“Sometimes I smile as if everything was going well / Even if there is pain under the smile”, sings Justin Bieber in the title track, her voice less sweet – and sometimes modified with the autotune – that he used in the pop of her teenage years.

Justin Bieber has recruited a cohort of stars for this new opus, in which the rapper Post Malone, Quavo and Travis Scott as well as the singer Kehlani.

Discovered while he was a teenager after he posted videos of him singing on YouTube, Justin Bieber was raised to the rank of superstar overnight, but was quickly reeled in, before collapsing under the weight of his fame.

In parallel of the album, Justin Bieber has launched last month the documentary series Seasons on YouTube, to present to the public her creative process and her personal journey.

“I was drinking “lean” (a mixture of drugs codéinés and syrup, editor’s note), I was taking pills, molly (ectasy) and fungi”, he says in the series.

“I was dying. My security staff came into my room at night to check my pulse. People didn’t know how much of it was serious”.

With foreign Exchange, the young man presents himself now as someone who prefers to snuggle up on the couch with his wife.

“I have the rest of our lives”, sings in the song Confirmation. “Everything that you want/and all you really need is at home”.