A known face of the NFL has had the COVID-19

Un visage connu de la NFL a eu la COVID-19

The former head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher admitted to having been tested positive for the coronavirus, a few months ago, saying it was now being restored.

Man of 63 years and his wife, the singer Veronica Stigeler, had experienced symptoms in march and were not subject to examinations. A month later, they learned that they had been tested positive for antibodies of the COVID-19.

To the site The Athletic, Cowher told us that his couple had realized that something was wrong when they have lost the sense of smell and taste following a trip to Honolulu. Initially, they were to visit the daughter of the ex-pilot of the Steelers in Tokyo, but had changed their plans at the last minute. In fact, the son-in-law of Cowher, Ryan Kelly, is a basketball player of league B in Japan and it has interrupted its activities before the arrival of expected future member of the hall of fame of football.

The symptoms include a slight fever for Cowher and a dry cough for his wife appeared after their passage at the Newark airport on the return journey and a meal in a restaurant in New York.

“I think I caught it in New York with all these movements of people who arrive at the airport at the same time. This is when the virus arrived from Europe and that there was not containment. We were in town for the weekend”, he explained.


The one who was to be inducted into the hall this year is said to be in a better position, even if it will have to wait until next year before getting his place in Canton, where the hall of fame.

“I am relieved. Yes, I want to talk about people who have been important in my life, but this is not the time for it currently. This is not only because of the COVID, but also of social injustices. This era is seamless and so fluid. The Temple should be, he said. Currently, it is difficult to really consider any celebration when the country is in such a state.”

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