A large plateau nostalgic for VAT

In the absence of having the same number of original series to present the next season due to the coronavirus, VAT will give viewers their dose of fiction by proposing In turn, a new issue of great interviews in which actors revisit the great characters they have interpreted.

Created and produced by Attraction (Silence play, family-sized) in collaboration with Quebecor Content, this large tray is designed to tickle the fiber nostalgic of the public. Each week, a facilitator (whose identity remains to be confirmed) will review the careers of two actors who co-starred in the same series.

“When the COVID-19 has forced the suspension of the filming of the series, we wondered : how is it that we can keep the fiction alive ?” says Martin Métivier, senior producer, entertainment and digital media at Attraction. “One of the ways in which they are found, it is chatting with characters that have marked our tv. “

Un grand plateau nostalgique pour TVA

Photo courtoisieMartin Métivier

A wall of screens

Twelve emissions of 60 minutes ofturns have been ordered. The recordings should start in the month of August in a decoration consisting of a huge wall of screens. A kind of Times Square in the heart of which extracts are to be published. “It is very fun to do technically,” says Martin Métivier.

The producer indicates whichIn turn will go “farther” than Just see the comedians, the French canadian adaptation of the famous Actors Studio of René Homier-Roy has driven for several years on ARTV.

The program will achieve this goal by requiring the participation of the public. The producer gives the example of a program with Marina Orsini, in which viewers testify to the impact of Émilie Bordeleau, his character in Les filles de Caleb, has had in their lives.

The news of the fall in VAT

With the addition ofIn turn, the fall of the VAT to be precise. Here are the songs confirmed so far :

  • Family jewels
  • The Recording Studio (French canadian adaptation)
  • The Voice (end of season)
  • The Breakaway
  • My son
  • 9-1-1
  • The good doctor
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