A last holiday full of emotions for Eric

Une dernière fête remplie d’émotions pour Éric

Jean-François Racine

A man of 41 years in end-of-life received a surprise visit full of emotions Thursday for his birthday.

Hosted in palliative care since the beginning of the month of march, Eric Comeau finds himself isolated from his neighbours to live his last moments.

In accordance with the rules in force, his family, friends and work colleagues of the co-Operative cable to the back-country have still tried to bring him some rare moments of happiness outside of the residence where he is being treated in the area of Charlesbourg.

Eric Comeau

On the balcony

Despite its challenging state, the father of the two children came out very moved on the balcony of his place of accommodation. He did not seem to this improvised festival. Comforted, he praised the present group outside.

“I’ll do anything for him,” said the voice knotted, Stéphane, a friend and work colleague who has asked not to reveal his family name.

“The illness started with a stomach ulcer. They have cared for, but later, it had metastasized and he was operated on for his cancer. Then, it has spread. “

Une dernière fête remplie d’émotions pour Éric

Photo Agence QMI, Guy MartelStephane
Friend Eric Comeau

As the majority of people currently, the sick man, too, has good and less good days.

In tears

“We were a ten, with a truck from the company and the lights. Several members of his family were present. We had first warned the police to avoid problems. It is out 10 or 15 minutes. He was moved and he cried. He was very surprised and he did not think that we would all be there, ” said his colleague.

According to the latter, all visits are impossible for almost a month. Even his wife could not see it for a few weeks. She preferred not to comment on Thursday.

“His doctor has done the hands and feet and it should be able to have two visits per day now. I find it difficult. I am close to him and before the restrictions, I was able to spend a night with him. I’ve been lucky. The more often that I could see, I was going there, ” added Stéphane.

A lonely battle

Everywhere, the pandemic makes it even more painful for the end-of-life of sick people who do not suffer from the COVID-19.

Sometimes, grieving families do not have the energy to fight to obtain a permission or a relaxation of the rules.

“In spite of the confinement, we still have some contact with the world. For him and the others in the same situation, human contact is non-existent. They don’t have their entourage at the time when they need it. His wife, his daughters, his parents… he’s bored. He does not want to die alone. “

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