A laval company converted to the production of a disinfectant for the hands

Une entreprise lavalloise se convertit à la production de désinfectant pour les mains

LAVAL | Neptune Solutions Well-being, a laval company that specializes in natural health products, which is engaged in the production of disinfectant for the hands, having to provide over a million units of gel per week to north american retailers.

Neptune has rapidly increased its level of production in order to meet the strong demand for disinfectant products since the beginning of the pandemic, the COVID-19. The company will start shipping its products next week.

“I am extremely proud of how our entire team is mobilized to capitalize on our collective expertise in procurement, manufacturing, innovation, management of the supply chain, and regulatory affairs in order to put on the market a significant amount and continuous disinfectant gel for hands prior to the scheduled date, at this critical stage of the fight against the COVID-19”, said Michael Cammarata, chief executive of Neptune Solutions, Well-being, Thursday by way of a press release.

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