A life of a victim

Une vie de victime

August 4, 2016 : Safia Nolin tells that during her school years, she has been the victim of “bullying ” and racism because of his family name (it then bore the name of his father algerian) arab sounding. “Every morning, it was like going to Auschwitz “, she says to The Tribune.

31 October 2016 : Safia Nolin is present at the ADISQ awards dressed as the dog to James, and punctuates his speech with “criss” and ” fuck “.

November 1st 2016 : Safia Nolin says she is the victim of intimidation on the part of the three chroniclers who have dared to write that she was dressed as the dog to James, and who have criticized his use of the “criss” and ” fuck “.

November 13, 2016 : Safia Nolin passes TLMEP to say that she was a victim of bullying (on the part of the so-called chroniclers), and the lack of professionalism of Nathalie Petrowski.

December 12, 2016 : Nolin is promoting a t-shirt showing it is décrottant the nose with one of his quotes where she says she is the victim of sexism : “Because I have a vagina, it doesn’t work “.

August 13, 2017 : Safia Nolin claims to have been the victim of homophobia in a park in Rosemont. “Today, my lover and I were doing shit by three cellars, insults, names and obscene gestures “.

July 2, 2018 : Safia Nolin says Christiane Charette interview : “My experiences of homophobia have lived in France. Kind first day : ‘kiss you not around here!’. In Paris, I’m already kicking it in the street.”

May 30, 2019 : Safia Nolin is a spokesperson for the Day of lesbian visibility. She was photographed with a jumpsuit striped blue-and-white, too big for her, that looks like the trousers of Obelix, on a hawaiian shirt. Internet users are criticizing her looks saying that she has the air of a clown.

May 30, 2019 : Safia Nolin says she is the victim of homophobia because of the comments of internet users on his outfit.

March, 2019 : Safia Nolin gives an interview to Catherine Dorion, in which she says she is the victim of the villains columnists. Excerpt : “It makes me fucking scared. Before it was like yeah, Richard Martineau was not cool. Now there’s gender, there’s Sophie, there’s Richard, there’s Denise, there’s Lise, there’s Jeff Fillion, there’s all the world of Radio X, there’s Eric Duhaime, there’s the other host of the Bock-Side, so it’s there, like that… “Catherine Dorion adds more far-reaching :” It is that, yes, they are going to radicalize the world. As the world who are doing such heinous acts and who are murder “. Safia Nolin approves.

August 13, 2019 : To denounce the grossophobie of which she is the victim, Safia Nolin shows her naked with an octopus, in a clip.

August 14, 2019 : Safia Nolin says she is the victim of grossophobie because of the comments following the release of his clip.

July 2, 2020 : By Morin for the first time nominated as personality of the year award at the gala Artis.

July 7, 2020 : Safia Nolin said to have been a victim of By Morin, of the facts that allegedly occurred two years earlier.

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