A list of foods that can lead to cancer

Список продуктов, которые могут привести к развитию рака

Oncologists have provided a list of products that are likely to lead to the development of cancer. The threat was recognized by red processed meat. It is threatened by the emergence of cancer of the stomach and intestines. This includes meat products with increased shelf life and modified to taste like bacon, ham, salami.

In these products you can find a lot of carcinogens. For example, when consuming 50 grams of product the risk of colon cancer may increase by 18%. Harmful pesticides, various food additives and artificial sweeteners. They can be found both in vegetables and in all prepared foods, including dairy.

To neutralize the negative impact of these substances, the researchers suggest to include in the diet foods with high dietary fiber content, minerals and antioxidants. These include tomatoes, turmeric, blueberries, pomegranate, broccoli, green tea, oily fish.


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