A long and painful wait

Une longue et pénible attente

Anxiety, misunderstanding and anxiety hit Quebec in isolation, who have been waiting for a week the results of the screening of the COVID-19.

Simon Sachel was examined last Monday for the coronavirus, he was back to Las Vegas in the course of his work. The director turned different scenes for the series, The apartment, with a team totalling a dozen people. On his return to Montreal, on the 12th of march, he set out to present flu-like symptoms.

In the Face of the situation, it was decided that Simon would stay at the hotel, the time that his wife and two young children leave the house. Her symptoms of cough and fever have increased, and the developer has quickly taken steps to get a screening, which was finally held on 16 march. Since, however, nothing more.

Simon Sachel

Simon Sachel

“I was told that I would have a return in 24 to 48 hours, lance-t-il. I called at 8-1-1 Sunday, it took me two hours before to have the line, and we could not say anything to me. “So this is nothingness to man 44-years-old, who does not know when it will be safe for him to see his family again.

A work colleague who also presented symptoms has been reported negative. All the other members of the team – though they show no sign of the COVID-19 – write on a daily basis with Simon, whether they may be at risk. The director wants to be clear : the coronavirus is not a simple flu.

“I’ve often had the flu and it, it is 100 times stronger. This is not comparable. I’m starting to get better, it lasted for days ! “, he said.

“Stressful days”

A teenage girl of 16 years was also waiting for his results for six days, after a screening last Monday at Trois-Rivières. The girl, who suffers from a chronic disease, developed a cough and a fever ten days after her return from Punta Cana, 3 march.

The result – negative – is ultimately fallen in by the end of the day Sunday. “It was, for us, days are stressful and not easy. We are thousands of families experiencing this situation, ” said his mom, Martine Ouellet.

Asked about these cases during his press conference daily, Sunday, the prime minister François Legault has assured that the situation should improve as of Monday. The results should then be passed on to the patients within a maximum period of two days, he argued.

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