A long dream – dangerous or not?

Долгий сон – опасен или нет?

About a long sleep there are different opinions. One recent study, whose results were published in BMC Public Health, shows: to sleep for a long time still bad. However, as sleeping too little.

The overabundance of sleep, as its shortage causes negative changes in the human body, to such conclusion came scientists from Seoul University. Previously, South Korean doctors have studied the data more 133,5 thousand people of both sexes, aged 40-69 years, who were going for 9 years.

It turned out that even taking into account factors such as lifestyle and nutrition, disease and exercise, the health risks from long and short sleep still remained. In particular, those who slept a lot or insufficient, increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome, manifested as hypertension, high blood sugar and triglycerides, low “good” cholesterol. It turned out that for men more bad sleep is not enough for women to sleep too long.

“Most sufferers of metabolic syndrome was among those people who sleep paid less than six and more than ten hours a day,” said the authors of a research project.


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