A lot of wastewater disposed of in rivers

Yet 70 % of the municipalities in the Quebec contaminate always the rivers and the government is slow to make water and sanitation a priority, says an organization.

“What we want is that the world starts to deal with the problem. Currently, it is in the immobility complete “, stresses the president of the Rivers Foundation, Alain Saladzius.

The organization has recently compiled the balance sheet of three years for the use of 130 municipal systems of water purification, and in particular, to the conclusion that in 2018 only, there were 53 645 overflows of wastewater treatment plants in Québec.

Exceedances huge

“These overruns are such that by 2018, 62 sewage treatment plants have derived more than 21 million cubic metres of untreated wastewater into the environment, nearly three times that Montreal had dumped in the river by 2015 in what we had termed “flushgate” “, says the foundation.

Mr. Saladzius identifies, among others, urban sprawl, and the obsolescence of the facilities as causes of this pollution.

He explains evil as the government allows residential development without the capacity of the sewers are systematically adjusted accordingly.


The ministry of municipal Affairs and Housing (MAMH) has been reminded by email that the government assistance is up to 95 % for water treatment plants, and says that there is support available for municipalities who no longer know where to give head.

Both the ministry of the Environment that the MAMH say work together, contrary to what is advanced by the body.

“Upon our arrival, it was noticed that there was a lot of work to do. We are trying to prioritize where the needs are most urgent, ” said by e-mail the office of the minister of the Environment, Benedict Cart.

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