a mad boar wreaks havoc in the city center

    a mad boar wreaks havoc in the city center

    On Sunday, December 20, a huge wild boar burst into the streets of Cahors, which surprised a lot of residents.

    «More fear than harm“, According to the director of departmental security in Lot. A wild boar weighing 87 kilos completely out of control frightened many passers-by on Sunday, December 20, in the city center of Cahors, according to The Midday Dispatch . The huge animal appeared berserk at around 4 p.m. and had particularly sharp tusks, police said.

    «People were taken aback. What marks the most is the astonishment, to see a wild boar on the tar, the asphalt, in the heart of the city in the middle of thes ”, tells France Blue , the divisional commissioner Patrick Meynier. “Luckily, it was a Sunday afternoon and with the Covid, people rarely go out but if it had happened in the middle of the week during the school year, it would have been catastrophic ”.

    The wild animal came out of a massif in the Chartreuse and crossed the Lot river three times. He slightly injured two passers-by. The police fired several shots and tried to intercept it, but it was unsuccessful. Finally, it is a lieutenant of wolves, called in reinforcement, who killed the beast with a bullet, while he had taken refuge in a garage.

    Monday, December 21, the Lot hunting federation recalled that the intrusion of a boar in the city is not so rare. “It is not normal for a wild boar to land in town, but it is not new either: it has already happened in Toulouse and Villeneuve-sur-Lot», Reports The Midday Dispatch. These animals are very present in the department: 6000 wild boars are killed in the Lot each year.

    This incredible chase is however a first for Cahors. “We avoided a catastrophe, he could have injured much more seriously or killed passers-by. I salute the composure of the police force mobilized as well as of the lieutenant ”, said Commissioner Patrick Meynier on Sunday evening.

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