a magical afternoon tea at “Tata” in Metz

    a magical afternoon tea at “Tata” in Metz

    The magic of Christmas continues in Moselle despite the health crisis. And there is a tradition that this Moselle has maintained at all costs: the Christmas snack. Isabelle Puhl has been a nursery assistant in Metz for 10 years and for the 6th year in a row, it organized a Christmas tea party last week with the children in her care and their parents.

    Gifts at the foot of the illuminated Christmas tree in Isabelle’s living room © Radio France
    – Cecile Soulé

    When the children have been good with their Tata

    The meeting was given in his decorated house, with gifts at the foot of the illuminated tree. On the table, cakes, drinks, sweets. “It is always a great pleasure for me to bring the children and their parents together, to share a snack before Christmas, when the children have been good with their Auntie“, explains the nursery assistant.

    The magic of Christmas is still here

    More she admits having hesitated to organize her traditional tea party this year : “We decided only 15 days ago but with the agreement of the parents, we decided to do it because we had to preserve the magic of Christmas and this magic, it is still there“. And to respect barrier gestures, hydroalcoholic gel is at hand, there are tongs to use and each adult remains at a distance.

    Eyes that shine when the presents are opened

    Isabelle Puhl admits to having eyes that shine when she sees Antonin, Samuel, Noémie, Chloé or Aimé open their gifts:  “I love it, this is my favorite moment“. She also receives gifts from parents, to thank her for her investment in the children but also because she is celebrating her birthday in December. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Isabelle!

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