A major EU Bank took out half of the ATMs because of the threat

Крупный банк ЕС вывел из строя половину банкоматов из-за угрозы

One of the largest banks in the Netherlands ABN Amro withdrew all my cash and stopped working 479 ATMs. This decision was taken as a result of rising cases of attacks on ATMs.

Attacks on ATMs cause fear and concern to entrepreneurs and citizens living adjacent to these ATMs. As ABN Amro in the first place security, the Bank decided to immediately stop the work of some of bankomatov a result, the Bank said a reduction of more than half (479) of ATMs. Just on the balance institutions, there are 800 ATMs.

We understand that the closure of ATMs would be an inconvenience to people who want to withdraw cash. But the safety of local residents and businesses concerns us more segopa data from the European non-profit organization European ATM Security Team, the number of physical attacks on ATMs in Europe is growing for the fourth consecutive year, an increase of 27% compared to 2017 (from 3584 to 4549 cases). As a result of these attacks was the damage in the amount of 36 million euros. One explosion of ATM leads to the loss of an average of 27 065 euros.

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