A man found a young mistress

Dirty dancing Buzova and Kirkorov actively discussed in the network.

Кіркоров знайшов молоду коханку

At first, Instagram appeared in the stars arm in arm, and posted it Olga and Phillip almost simultaneously. It immediately began to discuss the numerous fans of the star people, reports Rus.Media.

Olga Buzova, of course, the fans began to congratulate. Of course! Such close fellowship with the king of pop is not a reason for pride?!

“Oh, you’re the Queen!”, “It’s definitely recognition”, “Olga, keep it up. With friends like that, move mountains you can,” sprinkled fans comments in the microblog Buzova.

In the recording Kirkorov meanwhile, there were other opinions: “Philip, why do it?” “I hope it’s all just PR.” Philip Bedrosovich previously idle, and hence the chance to win his heart every single girls.

A movie, meanwhile, is gaining more and more likes. Not surprising. In it, Phillip and Olga represented the dance, which includes not only the choreographic steps, but passionate embrace that friendly can be called a stretch. The video once again proved that Buzova enjoys a special location Kirkorov.

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